Planetary mass objects in star forming regions etc.

[Speaker 1]
Suenaga Takuya
D3, SOKENDAI, Mitaka(supervisor : Tomonori Usuda)
Planetary mass objects in star forming regions
A large number of substellar-mass objects isolated in star forming regions are now known, with masses ranging from those of brown dwarfs (BDs) to planetary mass objects (PMOs). Although more massive BDs are being extensively explored, the frequency of PMOs is much less studied except for Orion and a few other regions, and their universality is not established.
I review the studies of PMOs in star forming regions and report the status of our PMO study in the Taurus molecular cloud.

[Speaker 2]
Ryu Tsuguru
M1, SOKENDAI, Mitaka(supervisor : Saeko Hayashi)
the review of R. Galicher et al.(2013)
I present the review of R.Galicher et al.(2013).
Fomalhaut has a candidate planet announced by Kalas et al.(2008).
They found Fomalhaut b in visible range, but a few years later, the object is not detected at 4.5 μm where thermal emission of the planet is expected.
So, a thin dust cloud or swarm of satellites around the planet are proposed for Fomalhaut b.
In this paper, the authors analyzed the Hubble Space Telescope arvhive data and discussed which model is consistent with Fomalhaut b.