Environmental Dependence of Star Formation in Nearby Barred Spiral Galaxies etc.

[Speaker 1]
Pan Hsi-An
   D3, SOKENDAI, Nobeyama(supervisor : Nario Kuno)
Environmental Dependence of Star Formation in Nearby Barred Spiral Galaxies
I will introduce environmental dependence of star formation in terms of two aspects: amount of gas and the possible dynamical influence from galactic bar.

[Speaker 2]
Jun Toshikawa
   D2, SOKENDAI, Mitaka(supervisor : Nobunari Kashikawa)
Complete Follow-up Spectroscopy of a Protocluster at z~6
In the local universe, galaxy clusters play central roles in the large-scale structure of the universe, and such high-density environments have large effects on galaxy properties. For understanding the structure formation and galaxy evolution, it is crucial to directly investigate the progenitors of galaxy clusters. Galaxy protoclusters are overdense regions in the early universe and considered to grow into rich clusters
seen in the present-day universe. Therefore, protoclusters provide a great deal of information of early stage of cluster formation for large-scale structure and environmental effects.
We showed our discovery of a z~6 protocluster in the Subaru Deep Field in the previous colloquium (Toshikawa et al. 2012, ApJ, 750, 137). And then, we have carried out deeper and wider follow-up spectroscopy of this protocluster than previous ones. All candidates of protocluster galaxies were observed with long exposures, and spectroscopic survey was extended to surrounding region to seek the large-scale structure. In the colloquium, we present the results of the follow-up spectroscopy of the protocluster and discuss galaxy distribution and properties at this first site of galaxy cluster formation.