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Dec 21 Tue 10:00~11:30  太陽系小天体セミナー / Solar System Minor Body Seminar zoom

Dec 22 Wed 14:30~15:30  ALMA-J seminar   zoom




世話人:渡部 潤一


Campus: Mitaka
Seminar: ALMA-J seminar
Date and Time: 2021 December 22, 14:30-15:30
Place: Zoom
Speaker:Zheng Cai (Tsinghua University)
Title:Mapping the Emission and Absorption of the Circumgalactic Medium
(CGM) and Intergalactic Medium (IGM) at z>2

Abstract:In this talk, I will present our survey of the massive overdensities and enormous Lya nebulae in the peak of cosmic star formation and QSO activities (z=2–4).  I will present our discovery of a sample of massive overdensies at z~2.3 by utilizing Subaru/HSC, Keck, CFHT and ALMA, selected using the groups of strong Lya absorption. The galaxy properties in these overdensities reflect the emergence of the environmental dependence of galaxy property. I will further discuss the discovery of a large sample of Enormous Lyman alpha nebulae in these extremely overdense fields at high redshift. Our Keck Cosmic Web Imager observations suggest that these nebulae are unique laboratories to study the detailed modeling of how galaxies are fed by the intergalactic medium and circumgalactic medium. In the end, I will talk about the future prospects of how greatly improve our understanding of the structure formation in the next decade with LSST, CMB-S4 and a potentially new opportunity of a planned 6.5m spectroscopic telescope.

-Name:Xiaoyang Chen, Misato Fukagawa

Home > ALMA Jセミナー | 太陽系小天体セミナー > 2021.12.20-2021.12.26

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