Chemistry of Carbon-Chain Molecules in Star-Forming Regions / Chemical Evolution to CH2NH

Kotomi Taniguchi, D1, SOKENDAI(supervisor: Masao Saito)
Chemistry of Carbon-Chain Molecules in Star-Forming Regions
The chemical evolution of carbon-chain molecules has been studied mainly toward low-mass star forming regions. We have been survey observations of HC3N and HC5N toward 14 high-mass starless cores (HMSCs) and 27 high-mass protostellar objects (HMPOs) with the Nobeyama 45-m telescope. One third observations have been completed until now, and the remaining observations will be allocated in May this year. We carried out observations toward 4HMSCs and 10 HMPOs. We integrated approximately 40 minutes on-source per source, and the rms noise levels are below 15 mK. We detected HC3N toward all sources and HC5N toward 2 HMSCs and 2 HMPOs with the signal-to-noise ratios above 5. I’ll talk about the preliminary results, ongoing projects with the 45-m telescope, and scheduled observations with other telescopes in this colloquium.

Taiki Suzuki, D2, SOKENDAI(supervisor: Masatoshi Ohishi)
Chemical Evolution to CH2NH