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Jul 28 Wed 15:00 ~16:00 ALMA-J seminar           zoom

Jul 28 Wed 15:30~17:00  NAOJ Science Colloquium      zoom

Jul 30 Fri 14 :00 ~15:00 Tea Talk           zoom



Campus: Mitaka
Seminar: ALMA-J seminar
Regularly Scheduled/Sporadic: Every Wednesday Date and Time: 2021 July 28 15:00-16:00
Place: Zoom
Speaker:Chat Hull (NAOJ)
Title: Dust polarization, astrochemistry, and MHD simulations: unveiling the nature of the innermost regions of young, magnetized forming stars
Abstract: What role does the magnetic field play in the formation of stars? We have taken great strides toward answering this question in recent years thanks to observations with ALMA, whose unprecedented resolution and sensitivity allow us to observe polarization and magnetic fields in the innermost regions of young, forming stars (also known as “protostellar cores”) where their natal protostellar envelopes are transitioning into embedded protoplanetary disks. Of course, as all cutting-edge observations do, these high-resolution studies raise as many questions as they answer, and have revealed striking new features in the innermost regions of protostellar cores. These include strong enhancements of polarized dust emission along outflow cavity walls, which are frequently accompanied by emission from molecular lines that trace highly irradiated environments; magnetized filamentary structures that may be accretion streamers; and evidence of both grain growth and surprisingly efficient dust-grain alignment in regions that were originally expected to be devoid of strong dust polarization. This talk will be a journey through the thesis work of my brilliant Ph.D. student Valentin Le Gouellec who, along with myself at NAOJ/ALMA, his co-adviser Anaëlle Maury at CEA Saclay, and our global team of collaborators, has broken new ground in our understanding of magnetized star formation.

Facilitator: Yoshito Shimajiri , Shun Ishii


Seminar:NAOJ Science Colloquium
Regularly Scheduled/Sporadic:Every Wednesday
Date and time:2021 July 28, 15:30-17:00
Speaker:Manami Sasaki
Affiliation:Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg
Title:Seven eyes on the sky: the eROSITA X-ray telescope onboard the Spektr-RG observatory
Abstract:Two years ago, the new eROSITA X-ray telescope, which was developed by a German consortium, was launched successfully onboard the Russian Spektr-RG observatory. eROSITA is carrying out the first all-sky survey in the X-rays up to 10 keV with a much better resolution and higher sensitivity than what was available before in the soft X-ray band. It will thus provide us with a new map of the hot, energetic universe with more than one million extragalactic and Galactic objects. I will talk about the telescope and its mission and present the first results which we have obtained so far.

-Name:Akimasa Kataoka


セミナー名:Tea Talk
講演者:長山 省吾


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