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Course Registration

General Information on course registration

Grading guidelines


In principle, grades are based on reports and attendance points(*).

* A student arriving at a lecture later than 30 minutes (in the case of a colloquium, 10 minutes) after the beginning of the lecture will be deemed absent.

For those attending more than 50% of the course, the student’s comprehension will be evaluated through reports or their appropriate substitutes.

Please see the course syllabuses for details.


The teachers in charge of colloquiums evaluate students based on the above two areas as well as attendance points. However, when students cannot attend many courses for unavoidable reasons such as observations, the teacher in charge will use appropriate methods to evaluate.


Seminar courses are graded the same way as colloquiums.
For experiment courses, students who attend 60% or more will be evaluated based on reports and teachers’evaluations.