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Academic Education Environment

We provide excellent research environment for young researchers.

Financial support: NAOJ Junior Fellow

NAOJ Junior Fellow is a program whereby students demonstrating exceptional research abilities and displaying motivations for pursuing a career in research are selected and granted scholarships.

Graduate students of Astronomical Science Program, SOKENDAI are eligible for this support. A student selected as NAOJ Junior Fellow will receive monthly allowance (150,000 JPY per month), admission fee of SOKENDAI, and tuition fee of SOKENDAI. The scholarship period is the standard period of time necessary for the recipient to complete the doctoral program.

Application Guidelines

Financial support: Associate researcher support system

The associate researcher support system is a system for SOKENDAI students to carry out NAOJ’s research projects, to promote research activities effectively, to enhance the research system, and to hone their skills in order to carry out their research as young researchers.

All SOKENDAI students are eligible for this system. A student adopted will receive research support expenses ranging from 60,000 yen to 100,000 yen per month. The benefits period is from the second semester of the first year until the completion of the doctoral program.

SOKENDAI Special Researcher

SOKENDAI Special Researcher (Field-Specific Type)
SOKENDAI Special Researcher (Pioneering Research Type)

Overseas travel fund

This fund will support travels for participating international conferences with presentations and for observations with telescopes in foreign countries.

Student Research fund

This fund supports students to promote researches and experiments based on the students’ original ideas, independent of the current projects of NAOJ. This support can be used for instrument developments and equipments.

Use of research facilities

Students can use research facilities of NAOJ such as office, libraries, and computers.

Mental health services

Face-to-face counseling (once a month) and email counseling services (for all of SOKENDAI) are available for metal health care services.


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