Blue straggler stars in dwarf galaxies

【日時】10月6日(水) 10:30~12:00
【場所】国立天文台・三鷹 中央棟(北)1階 講義室
【発表者(敬称略)】Zhao Zhengshi(総研大 D2・三鷹、指導教員 : 有本 信雄)
【タイトル】Blue straggler stars in dwarf galaxies
Blue straggler stars (BSS) are located above and blue-ward of MS turn-off in a CMD of stellar clusters. They have been found in many stellar environments in observational studies during past 50 years.
Two different mechanisms of them are commonly believed nowadays: mass transfer in binary systems and stellar merger occurred through a direct stellar collision. The former might be dominant in lower density environments, whereas the later might be considered to mainly occur in high-density environments. The most studies on these objects are focus on the globular clusters because the dynamical environment of them could produce both of BSS formed by different mechanisms.
In recent years, researches for BSSs in dwarf spheroidal galaxies (dSphs) are increased. Considering dynamical environments of dSphs, BSSs in them should be mainly formed by mass transfer. The observed radial distributions of BSSs in several dSphs are consistent with model predictions for BSS formation by MT mechanism. More interestingly, a statistically significant anti correlation between the relative BSS frequency respect to HB stars and absolute magnitude is found in dwarf galaxies, it is similar to that observed in globular clusters. In this presentation, the previous studies on BSSs, involving with several observational properties will be introduced.
Meanwhile, our works of BSSs in dwarf galaxies based on data observed by Subaru telescope are also introduced.