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Professor    Ohishi, Masatoshi

Research Field

  • Radio astronomy especially astrochemistry and astrobiology
    Data-intensive astronomy

Brief Introduction of Research

  • The Universe could be origin of all life. There is a hypothesis that organic molecules formed in space were brought into the primordial Earth, which further evolved towards the “Origin of Life”. Our group has been tackling this attractive story by means of the radio astronomical approach by using radio telescopes e.g., the Nobeyama 45m telescope and the ALMA. The National Institute of Natural Sciences (NINS), the parent organization to the NAOJ, has started a new field, “Life in the Universe” since April 2013, where I am a member. Graduate students would have a great chance to join to this field. Chirality and “Biomarkers” would be other targets of our research. Further I am pushing a new astronomical research by means of “Data”, which would be the fourth paradigm not only in astronomy but in other science fields. Those who wish to open this new field are also welcome.

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