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Assistant Professor    NAKAJIMA, Kimihiko

Research Field

  • Galaxy Formation and Evolution, Cosmic reionization

Brief Introduction of Research

  • Young galaxies in the early universe would play an important role in the initial chemical enrichment and cosmic reionization. I am interested in the properties of such young galaxies in the early phase of galaxy evolution, and observationally address some key questions e.g., how they form stars, chemically-enrich ISM/IGM, and produce ionizing photons to drive cosmic reionization when the universe is only as young as 1 billion years old. My expertise includes deep spectroscopy of faint galaxies using large telescopes such as Keck, Subaru and VLT, and photoionization modeling. I am a Japanese member of planning for future science programs about Galaxy Formation with the flagship international missions such as TMT and Roman Space Telescope.

Main Research Achievements

  • K. Nakajima, D. Schaerer, O. Le Fèvre, et al., “The VIMOS Ultra Deep Survey: Nature, ISM properties, and ionizing spectra of CIII]λ1909 emitters at z=2-4”, Astronomy & Astrophysics, 612, A94, 2018
  • K. Nakajima, R. S. Ellis, I. Iwata, et al., “A Hard Ionizing Spectrum in z=3-4 Lyα Emitters with Intense [OIII] Emission: Analogs of Galaxies in the Reionization Era?”, The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 831, L9, 2016
  • K. Nakajima, M. Ouchi, “Ionization state of inter-stellar medium in galaxies: evolution, SFR–Mstar–Z dependence, and ionizing photon escape”, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 442, 900, 2014

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