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Message from the Chair of the Department

Dr. Saku Tsuneta
Director General of NAOJ
Chair of the Department of Astronomical Science,
School of Physical Sciences,
The Graduate University for Advanced Studies

天文科学専攻長 常田佐久When establishing a vision for humanity's future, it is imperative that we understand "the kind of world we live in." It is fair to say that we need to take a truly "Universal" view when considering our collective future. Astronomy is one of the core means to acquire an understanding of the Universe based on science rather than subjective beliefs and assumptions.

In the Department of Astronomical Science of the Graduate University for Advanced Studies, students engage in this kind of astronomy research through theory, observations, or the development of new observational instruments. The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, with its supercomputers, large cutting-edge instruments, advanced development facilities, and researchers from many diverse fields provides an auspicious setting where many graduate students can study and pursue their own research.

What are your strengths? Are you good at math and science; do you enjoy programming; does actually observing the Universe thrill you like nothing else; do you get excited making things; if you answer 'yes' to any of these, there is a place here for your activities. Please come and study at the Department of Astronomical Science.

Dr. Saku Tsuneta