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Assistant Professor    Koyama, Yusei

Research Field

  • Galaxy formation, Galaxy evolution, Galaxy clusters, Galaxy environment, Large-scale structure of the universe

Brief Introduction of Research

  • Understanding the history of galaxy formation and evolution is one of the most fundamental studies for human beings - because we are residents of a galaxy. By using large telescopes including Subaru, our research team is leading a number of multi-wavelength observational programmes of nearby/distant galaxies. My particular interest is the interplay between galaxy evolution and the formation of large-scale structures of the Universe - i.e. galaxy evolution during the cluster-scale assembly. The Subaru Telescope is ideally suited for this purpose because of its unique wide field of views. In addition to such “panoramic” studies of distant galaxies/clusters, our research team is now also enthusiastic about obtaining internal properties of individual galaxies by exploiting new technologies like adaptive optics (AO) assisted observations, integral field unit (IFU) spectroscopy, ...etc.

Main Research Achievements

  • Koyama et al. 2013, MNRAS, 434, pp. 423-436 , "On the evolution and environ- mental dependence of the star formation rate versus stellar mass relation since z~2", Yusei Koyama; Ian Smail; Jaron Kurk; James E. Geach; David Sobral; Tadayuki Kodama; Fumiaki Nakata; Mark A. Swinbank; Philip N. Best; Masao Hayashi; Ken-ichi Tadaki
  • Koyama et al. 2010, MNRAS, 403, pp. 1611-1624 , "Panoramic Hα and mid-infrared mapping of star formation in a z = 0.8 cluster", Yusei Koyama; Tadayuki Kodama; Kazuhiro Shimasaku; Masao Hayashi; Sadanori Okamura; Ichi Tanaka; Chihiro Tokoku
  • Koyama et al. 2008, MNRAS, 391, pp. 1758-1770, "Mapping dusty star formation in and around a cluster at z = 0.81 by wide-field imaging with AKARI", Yusei Koyama; Tadayuki Kodama; Kazuhiro Shimasaku; Sadanori Okamura; Masayuki Tanaka; Hyung Mok Lee; Myungshin Im; Hideo Matsuhara; Toshinobu Takagi; Takehiko Wada; Shinki Oyabu

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