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Associate Professor    Shan, Wenlei

Research Field

  • Superconducting electronics for radio astronomical observation

Brief Introduction of Research

  • Astronomy and astrophysics are essentially experimental sciences, which rely on advanced equipment. Superconducting devices featured by their highest sensibility in the physical world are widely applied in radio astronomical observations. The successfulness in the development of superconducting receivers has been leading to a large number of discoveries including fine structures of protoplanetary disks, images of black holes and the chemical progenitors of life in the universe. New generation superconducting receivers in form of large arrays are under intensive studies in order to largely broaden the field of view of radio telescopes, and thus broaden the chance to make fundamental discoveries about the nature of life and the origin of the universe.

Present research topics

  • 1. Planar integration method for multipixel superconducting heterodyne receivers
    2. Numerical simulation techniques for computer-aid superconducting device design
    3. Microfabrication techniques for superconducting analogy planar circuits


  • radio astronomical observation, superconducting receivers, microfabrication techniques

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