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Associate Professor    Aoki, Wako

Research Field

  • Stellar physics, spectroscopy

Brief Introduction of Research

  • My research interest is stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis based on measurements of stellar chemical composition by optical/infrared high resolution spectroscopy. Such study extends to understanding of first generations of stars and chemical evolution of the Milky Way Galaxy. I’m currently working for the next generation optical/infrared large telescope TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope).

Main Research Achievements

  • W. Aoki, N. Tominaga, T.C. Beers, S Honda,Y.S. Lee 2014, "A chemical signature of first-generation very massive stars" (Science 345, 912)
  • W. Aoki et al . 2013, "High-resolution Spectroscopy of Extremely Metal-poor Stars from SDSS/SEGUE. I. Atmospheric Parameters and Chemical Compositions" (Astronomical Journal 145, 13)
  • W. Aoki et al. 2009, "Chemical composition of extremely metal-poor stars in the Sextans dwarf spheroidal galaxy" (Astronomy and Astrophysics 502, 569)
  • W. Aoki et al. 2007, "Carbon-enhanced Metal-poor Stars. I. Chemical Compositions of 26 Stars" (Astrophysical Journal 655, 492)
  • A. Frebel, W. Aoki et al. 2005, "Nucleosynthetic signatures of the first stars" (Nature 434, 871)
  • 2006, W. Aoki, et al. “HE 1327-2326, an Unevolved Star with [Fe/H]<-5.0. I. A Comprehensive Abundance Analysis” (Astrophysical Jounal, 639, 897)
  • 2003, Aoki, W. et al. “Europium Isotope Ratios in s-Process Element-enhanced Metal-poor Stars: A New Probe of the 151Sm Branching” (Astrophysical Jounal,, 592, L67)
  • 2000, Aoki, W. et al. ”Detection of Lead in the Carbon-rich, Very Metal-poor Star LP 625-44: A Strong Constraint on S-Process Nucleosynthesis at Low Metallicity” (Astrophysical Jounal,, 536, L97)
  • 1998, Aoki, W. et al. “Infrared spectra of carbon stars observed by the ISO SWS. I. Molecular absorption in N-type and SC-type stars” (Astronomy & Astrophysics, 340, 222)

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