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Assistant Professor    PYO TAE-SOO

Research Field

  • Star and planet formation, optical and infrared observational astronomy, jets/outflows from young stars.

Brief Introduction of Research

  • My main area of interest is star and planet formation, especially jets/outflows and proto- planetary disks in the early evolutionary stages of the young stellar objects (YSOs). The jets and outflows emanating from the YSOs in star forming region are ubiquitous and provide us with an important clue to solve angular momentum problem and stellar mass determination. Studies show that many of the emission lines from YSOs are produced in regions like magnetic accretion columns or accelerating and collimating winds/jets. Directly probing such regions close to driving sources is essential to understand the basic physical processes of accretion and outflow and the formation of star and planetary systems as well. Now I am also SEEDS member to search for extra-solar planets and disks and engaging on wide-field [Fe II] survey to find out new jet and outflows in our galactic plane.

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