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Assistant Professor    HIRANO, Teruyuki

Research Field

  • extrasolar planets, optical and near-infrared astronomy, data science


  • Ph.D

Summary of Research

  • With the goal of understanding the diversity and its origin of extrasolar planets (exoplanets), I have been involved in the observational studies of exoplanets. Currently, I am working on the projects including 1) detection and characterizations of exoplanets around low-mass stars or very young stars (e.g., probing exoplanetary orbits and atmospheres), 2) search for transiting planets using the data delivered by the space missions (e.g., K2, TESS), 3) development of novel data-driven techniques to analyze astronomical data, and 4) investigation of future space and ground-based missions to detect and characterize small exoplanets.

Research Achievements or Papers

  • T. Hirano, M. Kuzuhara, T. Kotani, et al., “Precision radial velocity measurements by the forward-modeling technique in the near-infrared”, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, 72, 93 (2020c)
  • T. Hirano, V. Krishnamurthy, E. Gaidos, et al. “Limits on the Spin-Orbit Angle and Atmospheric Escape for the 22 Myr-old Planet AU Mic b”, The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 899, L13 (2020b)
  • T. Hirano, E. Gaidos, J. N. Winn, et al., “Evidence for Spin-orbit Alignment in the TRAPPIST-1 System”, The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 890, L27 (2020a)
  • T. Hirano, F. Dai, D. Gandolfi, et al., “Exoplanets around Low-mass Stars Unveiled by K2”, The Astronomical Journal, 155, 127 (2018b)
  • T. Hirano, F. Dai, J. H. Livingston, et al., “K2-155: A Bright Metal-Poor M Dwarf with Three Transiting Super-Earths”, The Astronomical Journal, 155, 124 (2018a)
  • T. Hirano, Y. Suto, J. N. Winn, et al., “Improved Modeling of the Rossiter-McLaughlin Effect for Transiting Exoplanets”, The Astrophysical Journal, 742, 69 (2011)

Academic Society

  • Astronomical Society of Japan, The Japanese Society for Planetary Sciences

Academic Award

  • School of Science Research Award (2018, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Inoue Research Award for Young Scientists (2014, Inoue Foundation)

Other Activity

    Mentoring of graduate students (since 2015~)

Contact us

  • teruyuki.hirano[at]
    (In the mailing address, replace [at] with @)