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Associate Professor    Takahashi, Satoko

Research Field

  • Millimeter and submillimeter astronomy, Radio interferometry, Star formation

Brief Introduction of Research

  • Studies of pre-stellar cores and protostellar cores are crucial to understand the major role of star formation, such as the formation of the first adiabatic core, outflow driving mechanisms, initial angular momentum distribution within the system, and mass accretion processes. They are closely related to formation and evolution of multiple-stellar system (including brown dwarf formation), disk and planet formation, and how the final stellar mass is set. My interest is to directly image the listed phenomena and observationally constrain formation and evolutionary processes of young stars and associated gas. In order to image the coldest and densest parts of molecular clouds and cores, where the majority of protostars form, I have been extensively using millimeter and submillimeter interferometers such as ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array), SMA (Submillimeter Array), and JVLA (The Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array).

Main Research Achievements

  • Takahashi, S., Ohashi, N., and Bourke, L. T., “Direct Imaging of a Compact Molecular Outflow from a Very Low-luminosity Object”, 2013, Astrophysical Journal, 774, 20
  • Takahashi, S., Ho, P. T. P., Teixeira, P. A., Zapata, L. A., and Su, Y.-N., “Hierarchical Fragmentation of the Orion Molecular Filaments”, 2013, Astrophysical Journal, 763, 57
  • Takahashi, S., Saigo, K., Ho, P. T. P., and Tomida, K., “Spatially Resolving Substructures within the Massive Envelope around an Intermediate-mass Protostars: MMS 6/OMC-3”, Astrophysical Journal, 752, 10, 2012
  • Takahashi, S., and Ho, P. T. P., “The Discovery of the Youngest Molecular Outflow Associated with an Intermediate-mass Protostellar Core, MMS 6/OMC-3”, Astrophysical Journal Letters, 754, 10, 2012
  • Takahashi S., Ho, P.T.P., Tang, Y.-W., Kawabe, R., and Saito, M., “Evolutionary Status of Brightest and Youngest Source in the Orion Molecular Cloud -3 Region”, Astrophysical Journal, 704, 1459, 2009
  • Takahashi, S., Saito, M., Ohashi, N., Kusakabe, N., Takakuwa, S., Shimajiri, Y., Tamura, M., and Kawabe, R., “Millimete  and Submillimeter-wave Observations of the OMC-2/3 Region. III. An Extensive Survey for Molecular Outflows”, Astrophysical Journal, 688, 344, 2008
  • Takahashi, S., Saito, M., Takakuwa, S., and Kawabe, R., “Millimete and Submillimeter-wave Observations of the OMC-2/3 Region. I. Dispersing and Rotating Core around the Intermediate-Mass Protostars MMS 7”, Astrophysical Journal, 651, 933, 2006

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