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Associate Professor    OYA, Shin

Research Field

  • Adaptive Optics, Near Infrared Astronomy, Instrumentation, Large Telescopes

Brief Introduction of Research

  • My research interest is on observations of high redshift objects at near infrared wavelengths and the development of instruments for the purpose, especially adaptive optics (AO). AO is a technology to correct wavefront distortion to achieve diffraction-limited performance. In the case of astronomical observations, the cause of the disturbance is terrestrial atmospheric turbulence. The diffraction-limited resolution of large telescopes, for example, Subaru and TMT can be only realized by using AO. To expand understanding of the evolution history of the early universe, I am currently in charge of the primary mirror production for TMT project.

Main Research Achievements

  • “Measurement of the vibrating shape of a bimorph deformable mirror using a laser displacement sensor”,  Shin Oya, Optical Engineering, vol.48:033601 (5pp) (2009).
  • “Characterization of vibrating shape of a bimorph deformable mirror”,  Shin Oya et al., Proc. SPIE, vol.7015:3R (8pp) (2008).
  • “Performance of the deformable mirror for Subaru LGSAO”,  Shin Oya et al., Proc. SPIE, vol.6272:4S (8pp) (2006).
  • “Deformable mirror design of Subaru LGSAO system”,  Shin Oya et al., Proc. SPIE, vol.5490, pp.1546-1555 (2004).
  • “Subaru adaptive optics system after two years of open use”,  Shin Oya et al., Proc. SPIE, vol.5490, pp.409-420 (2004).
  • “Application of an exclusively binarized correlation-calculation method to wind velocity measurement by use of stellar scintillation patterns”,  Shin Oya et al., Applied Optics, vol.40, pp.4041-4049 (2001).
  • “Exclusively binarized correlation-calculation method for measuring random pattern movement”,  Shin Oya and Tadashi Aruga, Optics Communications, vol.185, pp.239-248 (2000).
  • “Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Observation of the High-z Quasar PKS 0201+113”,  Shin Oya et al., Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, vol.50, pp.163-168 (1998).

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