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Professor    Kano, Ryouhei

Research Field

  • Solar Physics, Solar Instrumentation

Brief Introduction of Research

  • I have been working on the observational solar physics, and mainly using X-ray or EUV data taken by satellites (e.g. Hinode) or rocket experiments for the Sun. My primary research interest is the coronal heating mechanism, which is the interactions between coronal plasma and magnetic fields. I also have been working on the development of new solar instruments (e.g. X-Ray Telescope in Hinode, and the CLASP rocket experiment).

Main Research Achievements

  • Kano,R., Trujillo Bueno,J., Winebarger,A., Auchere,F., Narukage,N., Ishikawa,R., Kobayashi,K., Bando,T., Katsukawa,Y., Kubo,M., Ishikawa,S., Giono,G., Hara,H., Suematsu,Y., Shimizu,T., Sakao,T., Tsuneta,S., Ichimoto,K., Goto,M., Belluzzi,L., Stepan,J., Asensio Ramos,A., Manso Sainz,R., Champey,P., Cirtain,J., De Pontieu,B., Casini,R., Carlsson,M.: "Discovery of Scattering Polarization in the Hydrogen Lyα Line of the Solar Disk Radiation", 2017, The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 839, L10(6pp).
  • Kano,R., Ueda,K., & Tsuneta,S: “Photospheric Properties of Warm EUV Loops and Hot X-Ray Loops”, 2014, The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 782, L32(6pp).
  • Kano,R., Bando,T., Narukage,N., Ishikawa,R., Tsuneta,S., Katsukawa,Y., Kubo,M., Ishikawa,S., Hara,H., Shimizu,T., Suematsu,Y., Ichimoto,K., Sakao,T., Goto,M., Kato,Y., Imada,S., Kobayashi,K., Holloway,T., Winebarger,A., Cirtain,J., De Pontieu,B., Casini,R., Trujillo Bueno,J., Stepan,J., Manso Sainz,R., Belluzzi,L., Asensio Ramos,A., Auchere,F. & Carlsson,M.: “Chromospheric Lyman-Alpha Spectro-Polarimeter (CLASP)”, 2012, Proceeding of SPIE, 8443, pp.84434F-1~84434F-17.
  • Kano,R., Shimizu,T., & Tarbell,T.D.: “Hinode Observation of Photospheric Magnetic Activities Triggering X-ray Microflares Around a Well-developed Sunspot”, 2010, The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 720, Issue 2, pp. 1136-1145.
  • Kano, R., Sakao, T., Narukage, N., Tsuneta, S., Kotoku, J., Bando, T., DeLuca, E., Lundquist, L., Golub, L, Hara, H., Matsuzaki, K., Shimojo, M., Shibasaki, K., Shimizu, T., & Nakatani, I., “Vertical Temperature Structures and Coronal-Hole Temperature derived with the Hinode X-Ray Telescope”, 2008, Publ. Astro. Soc. Japan, 60, pp.827~834.
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  • Kano, R., Hara, H., Kobayashi, K., Kumagai, K., Nagata, S., Sakao, T., Shimizu, T., Tsuneta, S., & Yoshida, T., "Initial Results from the XUV Doppler Telescope", 2000, Advances in Space Research, 25, 1739.
  • Kano, R., & Tsuneta, S., "Temperature Distribution and Energy Scaling Law of Solar Coronal Loops Obtained with Yohkoh", 1996, Publ. Astro. Soc. Japan , 48, 535.
  • Kano, R., & Tsuneta, S., "Scaling Law of Solar Coronal Loops Obtained with Yohkoh", 1995, The Astrophysical Journal, 454, 934.

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