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Professor    Gouda, Naoteru

Research Field

  • Structure formations in the Universe, Dynamical structure of galaxies, Astrometry

Brief Introduction of Research

  • I have been carried out research on the large-scale structure formations, analysis of galaxy formations and evolutions, non-linear and non-equilibrium phenomena in self-gravitational many-body systems (in particular, I have been developing a method to construct phase distribution functions from three-dimensional positions and motions of all gravitational matters).

    Recently, I am studying the dynamical structure of the Milky Way Galaxy (streaming motions of stars caused by the non-axisymmetric structures) and star clusters using the observation data of the space astrometry mission, Gaia, operated by the European Space Agency (ESA).

    Furthermore, I am promoting infrared astrometry satellite mission (JASMINE) projects as the principal investigator. JASMINE has been selected by the JAXA/ISAS (Institute of Space and Astronautical Science) as the only candidate for the 3rd M-class science satellite mission (scheduled to be launched by the Epsilon rocket). It is under development with the aim of astrometric measurements and exploring terrestrial planets in the habitable zones around the late M-type stars using the transit method. The scientific purposes of JASMINE for astrometric measurements are the elucidation of the evolution of galactic structures (bulges, bars, disks) and the Super massive blackhole at the Galactic center through the exploration of the Galactic center archeology, the elucidation of star formation analysis by kinematic methods, and the elucidation of exo-planets and high-energy celestial objects using astrometric measurements, etc. Regarding JASMINE, I am conducting research related to the scientific results expected from future JASMINE observation data (dynamical relaxation associated with the fall of supermassive black holes to the Galactic center, evolution of the inner bar structure and the central supermassive black hole, etc.).

Main Research Achievements

  • Gouda, Naoteru; Sugiyama, Naoshi; Sasaki, Misao Large Angle Anisotropy of the Cosmic Microwave Background in an Open Universe, Progress of Theoretical Physics, 80, 1023(1991)
  • Sugiyama, Naoshi; Gouda ,Naoteru Perturbations of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation and Structure Formations Formations, Progress of Theoretical Physics, 80, 803(1992)
  • Yano, Taihei; Nagashima, Masahiro; Gouda, Naoteru Limitations of the Press-Schechter Formalism, Astrophysical Journal, 466, 1(1996)
  • Tsuchiya, Toshio; Gouda, Naoteru; Tetuo Konishi Relaxation processes in one-dimensional self-gravitating many-body systems,Physical Review E, 53, 2210(1996)
  • Nagashima, Masahiro; Yoshii, Yuzuru; Totani, Tomonori; Gouda, Naoteru, Galaxy Number Counts in the Subaru Deep Field: Multiband Analysis in a Hierarchical Galaxy Formation Model, Astrophysical Journal, 578, 675(2002)
  • Nagashima, Masahiro; Yahagi, Hideki; Enoki, Motohiro; Yoshii, Yuzuru; Gouda, Naoteru, Numerical Galaxy Catalog. I. A Semianalytic Model of Galaxy Formation with N-Body Simulations, Astrophysical Journal, 634, 26(2005)
  • Gouda, Naoteru; JASMINE working group, JASMINE: Infrared Space Astrometry Mission, Transcations of the Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Science, Aerospace Technology Japan, 8(No.ists27), To.4.7(2010)
  • Gouda, Naoteru., JASMINE, Scholarpedia, 6(10): 12021.,2011.
  • Inoue, S., Gouda, N., Astrometric mock observations for determining the local dark matter density, A&A, 555. A105, 2013.
  • Yamada, K., Yamaguchi, M., Asada, H., Gouda, N., Improving the moment approach for astrometric binaries: possible application to Cygnus X-1, PASJ, 66, id.978pp., 2014.
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  • Gouda, Naoteru, and JASMINE team, Infrared space astrometry mission for survey of the Galactic nuclear bulge: Small-JASMINE, IAUS353: Galactic Dynamics in the Era of Large Surveys, 2019
  • Hattori, K., Gouda, N., et al., Metallicity dependence of the Hercules stream in Gaia/RAVE data - explanation by non-closed orbits, MNRAS, 484, 4540-4562, 2019.

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