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Professor    Saito, Masao

Research Field

  • Radio Astronomy, Star formation, Outer galaxy

Brief Introduction of Research

  • It is crucial to observation star forming region with high resolution to understand essence of star formation process from near-infrared to radio wavelength. In addition, I’m interested in the extreme far outer galaxy where star forming environment is so different from solar neighborhood Study of physical properties in such regions is a key to understanding variety of newly formed stars. I am currently a member of an international star formation study group SOLA (Soul of Lupus with ALMA).

Main Research Achievements

  • "Aperture Synthesis 12CO and 13CO Observations of DM Tauri: 350 AU Radius Circumstellar Gas Disk" Saito, M., Kawabe, R., Ishiguro, M., Miyama, S. M., Hayashi, M., Handa, T., Kitamura, Y., and Omodaka, T. 1995, Ap.J., 453, 384
  • "The initial conditions for formation of low-mass stars: Kinematics and Density Structure of the Protostellar Envelope in B335" Saito, M., Sunada, K., Kawabe, R., Kitamura, Y., and Hirano, N. 1999, ApJ, 518, 334
  • “An H13CO+ Survey for Dense Envelopes around Low-Mass Embedded Sources in Taurus”, Saito, M., Kawabe, R., Kitamura, Y., and Sunada, K. 2001, ApJ, 547, 840
  • "The Soul of Lupus with ALMA (SOLA) Project Overview", Saito, M. et al. 2015, in Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA: The Third Year. ASP Conference Series Vol. 499, p.215

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