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Assistant Professor KUBO, Masahito

Research Field

  • Solar physics

Summary of Research

  • My research interests focus on formation and dissipation processes of solar magnetic fields. There are various types and scales of magnetic field structures on the Sun, and most prominent one is a sunspot. Such magnetic structures often generate active phenomena as result of interaction with plasma flows. The Sun is a unique star in which magnetic field structures and granulations can be resolved observationally. The detailed observations of interactions between magnetic fields and plasma flows are essential for understanding the magneto-hydrodynamic phenomena. We tackle these topics using the high precision spectropolarimetric observations by the space-borne and ground-based instruments. The development of new instruments (“Hinode” satellite, the sounding rocket experiment “CLASP” and the balloon-borne Solar observatory “SUNRISE-3") with international collaborations is also my main research topic.

Research Achievements or Papers

  • “Discovery of Ubiquitous Fast-Propagating Intensity Disturbances by the Chromospheric Lyman Alpha Spectropolarimeter (CLASP)”, Kubo, M., Katsukawa, Y., Suematsu, Y., Kano, R., Bando, T., Narukage, N., Ishikawa, R., Hara, H., Giono, G., Tsuneta, S., Ishikawa, S., Shimizu, T., Sakao, T., Winebarger, A., Kobayashi, K., Cirtain, J., Champey, P., Auchère, F., Trujillo Bueno, J., Asensio Ramos, A., Štěpán, J., Belluzzi, L., Manso Sainz, R., De Pontieu, B., Ichimoto, K., Carlsson, M., Casini, R., Goto, M., The Astrophysical Journal, 832, 141, 2016
  • “Unresolved Mixed Polarity Magnetic Fields at Flux Cancellation Site in Solar Photosphere at 0.”3 Spatial Resolution”, Kubo, M., Low, B. C., Lites, B., The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 793, L9, 2014
  • “Temporal Relation between the Disappearance of Penumbral Fine-Scale Structure and Evershed Flow”, Kubo, M., Ichimoto, K., Lites, B., and Shine, R., The Astrophysical Journal, 731, 84, 2011
  • “Granular Scale Magnetic Flux Cancellation in the Photosphere”, Kubo, M. Lites, B. W., Low, B. C., The Astrophysical Journal, 712, 1321, 2010
  • “Magnetic Flux Loss and Flux Transport in a Decaying Active Region”, Kubo, M., Lites, B. W., Shimizu, T., and Ichimoto, K., The Astrophysical Journal, 686, 1447, 2008
  • “Disintegration of Magnetic Flux in Decaying Sunspots as Observed with the Hinode SOT”, Kubo, M., Lites, B. W., Ichimoto, K., Shimizu, T., Suematsu, Y., Katsukawa, Y., Tarbell, T. D., Shine, R. A., Title, A. M., Nagata, S., and Tsuneta, S., The Astrophysical Journal, 681, 1677, 2008
  • "Performance Verification of Ultra Fine Sun Sensors (UFSS) aboard HINODE", Kubo, M., Shimizu, T., Hirokawa, E., Hashimoto, T., Kosugi, T., Ninomiya, K., Yamamoto, T., Okumura, T., and Tsuno. K., JAXA Research and Development Report, RR-07-013, 2008
  • “Magnetic Field Properties of Flux Cancellation Sites”, Kubo, M., and Shimizu, T., The Astrophysical Journal, 671, 990, 2007
  • “Formation of Moving Magnetic Features and Penumbral Magnetic Fields with Hinode/SOT”, Kubo, M., Ichimoto, K., Shimizu, T., Tsuneta, S., Suematsu, Y., Katsukawa, Y., Nagata, S., Tarbell, T. D., Shine, R. A., Title, A. M., Frank, Z. A., Lites, B. W., and Elmore, D., Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, 59, S607, 2007
  • “Hinode Observations of a Vector Magnetic Field Change Associated with a Flare on 2006 December 13”, Kubo, M., Yokoyama, T., Katsukawa, Y., Lites, B. W., Tsuneta, S., Suematsu, Y., Ichimoto, K., Shimizu, T., Nagata, S., Tarbell, T. D., Shine, R. A., Title, A. M., and Elmore, D., Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, 59, S779, 2007
  • “Vector Magnetic Fields of Moving Magnetic Features and Flux Removal from a Sunspot”, Kubo, M., Shimizu, T., and Tsuneta, S., The Astrophysical Journal, 659, 812, 2007
  • “The Evolution of Vector Magnetic Fields in an Emerging Flux Region", Kubo, M., Shimizu, T., and Lites, B. W., The Astrophysical Journal, 595, 465, 2003

Academic Society

    Astronomical Society of Japan

    Society of Geomagnetism and Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences

    Japan Geoscience Union

    American Geophysical Union


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