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Professor    Honma, Mareki

Research Field

  • Galactic structure, black holes, high resolution astronomy with VLBI

Brief Introduction of Research

  • I have been working on VERA (VLBI Exploration of Radio Astrometry) project, which aims at revealing the 3-D structure of the Milky Way Galaxy based on VLBI astrometry of Galactic maser sources. I am also promoting mm and sub-mm VLBI observations to obtain radio images of nearby super-massive black holes (such as Sgr A* and M87) with the highest angular resolution ever achieved, in hope of detecting black hole shadows as the ultimate confirmation of existence of super-massive black holes in the universe.

Main Research Achievements

  • Honma et al.(2012), "Fundamental Parameters of the Milky Way Galaxy Based on VLBI astrometry", PASJ, 64, 136
  • Honma et al.(2011), "Astrometry of the Star-Forming Region IRAS 05137+3919 in the Far Outer Galaxy", PASJ, 63, 17
  • Honma et al. (2008), "Tropospheric Delay Calibrations for VERA", 2008, PASJ 60, 951
  • Honma et al. (2008), "Dual-Beam Delay Calibration for VERA", 2008, PASJ 60,935
  • Honma et al. (2007), “Astrometry of Galactic Star Forming Region Sharpless 269 with VERA”, 2007, PASJ 59, 889
  • Honma et al. (2005), “Multi-Epoch VERA Observations of OH43.8-0.1”, 2005, PASJ 57, 595
  • Honma et al. (2005), “The VERA Project”, Baltic Astronomy, 14, 455
  • Honma et al. (2004), “VERA Observation of the W49N H2O Maser Outburst in 2003 October”, PASJ 56, L15
  • Honma et al. (2003), “First Fringe Detection with VERA's Dual-Beam System and Its Phase-Referencing Capability”, PASJ 55, L57
  • Honma & Kurayama (2002), “Astrometric Microlensing of Distant Sources Caused by Stars in the Galaxy”, ApJ 568, 717
  • Honma (2001), “Detecting Galactic MACHOs with VERA through Astrometric Microlensing of Distant Radio Sources”, PASJ 53, 233
  • Honma et al. (2000), “J-Net Galactic-Plane Survey of VLBI Radio Sources for VLBI Exploration of Radio Astrometry (VERA)”, PASJ 52, 631
  • Honma (1999), “MACHO Mass Determination Based on Space Telescope Observation”, ApJ, 517, L35
  • Honma (1999), “The Mass-to-Light Ratio of Binary Galaxies”, ApJ 516, 693
  • Honma (1999), “The Caustic Crossing Microlensing Event by Binary MACHOS and the Timescale Bias”, ApJ 511, L29
  • Honma & Kan-ya (1998), “Declining Rotation Curve and Brown Dwarf MACHOs”, ApJ 503, L139
  • Honma & Sofue (1997), “Rotation Curve of the Galaxy”, PASJ 49, 453
  • Honma & Sofue (1996), “Mass of the Galaxy Inferred from Outer Rotation Curve”, PASJ 48, L103

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