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Assistant Professor    Hiramatsu, Masaaki

Research Field

  • Radio astronomy, star formation

Brief Introduction of Research

  • By observing millimeter/submillimeter waves I study the formation process of low-mass stars and physical environments of molecular clouds. Especially I am interested in the earliest phase of star formation, very low luminosity objects (VeLLOs), and the origin of the Initial Mass Function. I have observed several star forming regions such as Chamaeleon and Perseus with ASTE, Nobeyama 45m, SMT, and SMA.
    Along with the astronomy research, as a Public Outreach Officer of the NAOJ ALMA Project, I engage in astronomy outreach and science communication activities. Establishing evaluation methods for such activities is my another interest.

Main Research Achievements

  • Hiramatsu, M. et al. "Outflow - Core Interaction in Barnard 1" 2010 , ApJ, 712, 778
  • Hiramatsu, M. et al. "ASTE Submillimeter Observations of a Young Stellar Object Condensation in Cederblad 110" 2007, ApJ, 664, 964

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