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Assistant Professor    Dainotti, Maria Giovanna

Research Field

  • High energy astrophysics

Brief Introduction of Research

  • I work on gamma ray bursts (GRBs), on the issue of selection bias and on machine learning to infer the redshift of GRBs and active galactic nuclei. I plan to expand the sample and the wavelengths of the Dainotti relations in 2D of GRB afterglows between the X-ray and optical luminosity at the end of the plateau phase, La, and its rest frame duration, Ta, (the 2D correlation) and in GRB prompt-afterglow between La and the peak luminosity of the prompt emission, Lpeak. The first relation indicates that the more powerful the plateau is, the quicker it consumes its energy. The second relation shows that the prompt luminosity is proportional to the luminosity at the end of the plateau phase. An extension of these two relations led to the 3D fundamental plane for GRB afterglows. These relations reveal clues on the mechanism responsible for GRBs and can be used as cosmological probes.

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