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Associate Professor    Nakanishi, Kouichiro

Research Field

  • galaxies, radio interferometers

Brief Introduction of Research

  • My major interest is in starburst galaxies in the local universe and also those in the distant universe. I'm served as a science staff in the East Asian ALMA Regional Center.

Main Research Achievements

  • “Dense and Warm Molecular Gas between Double Nuclei of the Luminous Infrared Galaxy NGC 6240”, Nakanishi,K., Okumura,S.K., Kohno,K., Kawabe,R., and Nakagawa,T., 2005, PASJ, 57, 575-586
  • “CO(J=3-2) Observations of MS 1512-cB58 at z=2.72”, Nakanishi, K., Ohta, K., Takeuchi, T.T., Akiyama, M., Yamada, T., Shioya, Y., 1997, PASJ, 49, 535-538.