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Assistant Professor    Nishikawa, Jun

Research Field

  • High-Contrast Imaging of Exo-Planets,
    Stellar Coronagraph,
    Wavefront Control,
    Optical Interferometry

Brief Introduction of Research

  • Direct detection of exo-planets, development of high-contrast imaging techniques, including stellar coronagraphs, interferometer and wavefront control. Indirect detection of earth-like exo-planets with infrared Doppler spectrograph. Developments of new-generation optical telescopes, interferometers and adaptive optics.

Main Research Achievements

  • K. Yokochi, N. Murakami, J. Nishikawa, L. Abe, M. Tamura, A.V. Tavrov, M. Takeda, and T. Kurokawa, “Speckle noise suppression with unbalanced nulling interferometer in a high-contrast imaging system,” Optics Express, 19(6), 4957-4969 (2011).
  • J. Nishikawa, L. Abe, N. Murakami, T. Kotani, “Precise Wavefront Correction with an Unbalanced Nulling Interferometer for Exo-Planet Imaging Coronagraphs” Astron. Astrophys. 489, 1389-1398 (2008).
  • G. Perrin, J. Woillez , O. Lai , J. Guérin, T. Kotani, P.L. Wizinowich, D. Le Mignant, M. Hrynevych, J. Gathright, P. Léna, F. Chaffee, S. Vergnole , L.Delage, F. Reynaud, A.J. Adamson , C. Berthod , B. Brient, C. Collin, J. Crétenet , F. Dauny, C. Deléglise, P. Fédou, T. Goeltzenlichter, O. Guyon , R. Hulin, C. Marlot, M. Marteaud, B.-T. Melse, J. Nishikawa, J.-M. Reess, S.T. Ridgway , F. Rigaut , K. Roth, A.T. Tokunaga , D. Ziegler, “Interferometric coupling of the Keck telescopes with single-mode fibers”, 2006, Science 311, 194-194.
  • J. Nishikawa, T. Kotani, N. Murakami, N. Baba, Y. Itoh, and M. Tamura, “Combination of nulling interferometer and modified pupil for observations of exo-planets” Astron. Astrophys. 435, 379–384 (2005).
  • J. Nishikawa, “Status report on Mitaka optical and infrared array (MIRA-1.2),” (2003), Proc. SPIE, Interferometry for Optical Astronomy II, 4838, p.101-107
  • NISHIKAWA,J., "Estimation of Total Irradiance Variations with the CCD Solar Surface Photometer", Astrophys.J., 359 (No.1), 235-245, 1990 (August).
  • NISHIKAWA,J. and HIRAYAMA,T., "Facular Structures Derived from Precise Two-Color Contrast Observations", Solar Physics, Vol.127 (No.2), 211-228, 1990 (June).
  • NISHIKAWA,J.,HAMANA,S.,MIZUGAKI,K.,and HIRAYAMA,T., "Detection of Solar Five-Minute Oscillations through White-Lighit Intensity", Publ. Astron. Soc. Japan Vol.38 (No.2), 277-283, 1986 (June).

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