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Associate Professor    Yamaoka, Hitoshi

Research Field

  • supernova (theoretical and observational) Data mining observation of space debris

Brief Introduction of Research

  • Researches on supernovae, both theoretically and observationally. Information circulation about transient objects. Data mining from archived astronomical observation. Survey and population estimates of space debris. Communication with astronomy.

Main Research Achievements

  • "A Carbon-Oxygen Star as Progenitor of the Type Ic Supernova 1994I", Nomoto, K., Yamaoka, H., et al., Nature, Vol. 371, 227-229 (1994)
  • "Structure in the Early Afterglow Light Curve of the -ray Burst of 29 March 2003", Uemura, M., Kato, T., Ishioka, R., Yamaoka, H., et al., Nature, Vol. 423, 843-844 (2003)
  • "A giant outburst two years before the core-collapse of a massive star", Pastorello, A., Smartt, S.J., Mattila, S., Eldridge, J.J., Young, D., Itagaki, K, Yamaoka, H., et al., Nature, Vol. 447, 829-832 (2007)

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