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Associate Professor    Nakamura, Fumitaka

Research Field

  • Star formation, star cluster formation, stellar feedback, magnetic fields of ISM

Brief Introduction of Research

  • I believe that stars are the most basic object in our universe. I'd like to understand how such stars form in the universe. I do both numerical simulations and observations to understand physical processes of star formation. I started observational studies of star formation when I moved to NAOJ. I use ALMA, SMA, Nobeyama 45-m, ASTE, and JCMT telescopes.

Main Research Achievements

  • Magnetically Regulated Star Formation in Three Dimensions: The Case of the Taurus Molecular Cloud Complex, Nakamura, F., Li, Z.-Y., ApJ, 687, pp. 354-375 (2008)
  • Protostellar Turbulence Driven by Collimated Outflows, Nakamura, F., Li, Z.-Y., ApJ, 662, pp. 395-412 (2007)
  • On the Hydrodynamic Interaction of Shock Waves with Interstellar Clouds. II. The Effect of Smooth Cloud Boundaries on Cloud Destruction and Cloud Turbulence, Nakamura, F., McKee, C. F., et al., ApJS, 164, 477 (2006)
  • On the Initial Mass Function of Population III Stars, Nakamura, & F. Umemura, M., ApJ, 548, 19 (2001)
  • Fragmentation of filamentary molecular clouds with longitudinal magnetic fields: Formation of disks and their collapse, Nakamura, F., Hanawa, T., et al. ApJ, 444, 770 (1995)

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