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Assistant Professor    Kataoka, Akimasa

Research Field

  • Planet formation theory and observation

Brief Introduction of Research

  • I'm working on planet formation. We use any techniques to reveal the planet formation processes, including numerical simulation of dust aggregation, radiative transfer calculation, and ALMA polarization observations.

Main Research Achievements

  • "The evidence of radio polarization induced by the radiative grain alignment and self-scattering of dust grains in a protoplanetary disk", Kataoka et al. 2017, ApJL, 844, 5
  • "Submillimeter Polarization Observation of the Protoplanetary Disk around HD 142527", Kataoka et al., ApJL, 831, 12, 2016
  • "Millimeter-wave polarization of protoplanetary disks due to dust scattering", Kataoka et al., ApJ, 809, 78, 2015
  • "Opacity of fluffy dust aggregates", Kataoka et al., A&A, 568, A42, 2014
  • "Fluffy dust forms icy planetesimals by static compression", Kataoka et al., A&A, 557, L4, 2013

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