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SOKENDAI Asian Winter School 2023


 The Department of Astronomical Science, SOKENDAI, invites young researchers from Asia to join the SOKENDAI Asian Winter School. The aim of the school is to offer high-level educational experience to both undergraduate and graduate students as well as to demonstrate the department’s cutting-edge research activities. The lectures cover a wide areas of astronomy and are given by world-leading researchers. This year’s school is held by fully online . No registration fee is needed. Students having interest in the school are encouraged to register at the website.

Date: February 7 to 9, 2023

Language: English

List of Lecturer   
Seiji Kameno (Professor, SOKENDAI/NAOJ)
Yoichi Aso (Associate Professor, SOKENDAI/NAOJ)
Yusei Koyama (Associate Professor, SOKENDAI/NAOJ)
Mami Machida (Associate Professor, SOKENDAI/NAOJ)
Akimasa Kataoka (Assistant Professor, SOKENDAI/NAOJ)
Takashi Moriya (Assistant Professor, SOKENDAI/NAOJ)
Joten Okamoto (Assistant Professor, SOKENDAI/NAOJ)
Sakurako Okamoto (Assistant Professor, SOKENDAI/NAOJ)

Time(JST)  Tuesday, February 7 Wednesday, February 8 Thursday, February9

12:00-13:30 Galaxy Evolution and Galaxy Clusters
Yusei Koyama
Galactic Archaeology
Sakurako Okamoto
Black Holes and Active Galactic Nuclei
Seiji Kameno
14:00-15:30 Planet Formation
Akimasa Kataoka
Stellar evolution and supernovae
Takashi Moriya
Differentially rotating system
Mami Machida
16:00-17:30 The Sun
Joten Okamoto
Gravitational Wave Astronomy
Yoichi Aso
Admission guidance of

Application Period: December 22, 2022 – January 26, 2023 (JST)

Registration Form: HERE

Contact: Graduate Student Affairs Unit,
National Astronomical Observatory Japan