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SOKENDAI Asia Winter School


 The Department of Astronomical Science, SOKENDAI, invites young researchers from Asia to join the SOKENDAI Asia Winter School. The aim of the school is to offer high-level educational experience to both undergraduate and graduate students as well as to demonstrate the department’s cutting-edge research activities. The school consists of two parts; intensive lecture series and hands-on sessions. The lectures cover a wide areas of astronomy and are given by world-leading researchers. The hands-on sessions offer an opportunity for students to experience astronomy research. This year’s school is a fully online school. No registration fee is needed. Interested students are encouraged to register at the website.

We have sent an email to those who registered for the winter school on Janary 15. If you registered but did not receive the email, please contact us at

Date: February 3 to 5, 2021

Official language: English

List of Lecturers:
Hideko Nomura (Professor, SOKENDAI/NAOJ)
Masami Ouchi (Professor, SOKENDAI/NAOJ)
Yoichi Aso (Associate Professor, SOKENDAI/NAOJ)
Masahito Kubo (Assistant Professor, SOKENDAI/NAOJ)
Tetsuo Hasegawa (Project Professor, NAOJ)
SHAN Wenlei(Associate Professor, SOKENDAI/NAOJ)
Takashi Moriya(Assistant Professor, SOKENDAI/NAOJ)

Time(JST)  Wednesday, February 3 Thursday, February 4 Friday, February 5

10:30-12:00 Galaxy Formation Over the Cosmic History
Masami Ouchi
Star Formation
Tetsuo Hasegawa
Stellar evolution and supernovae
Takashi Moriya
13:00-14:30 Solar physics
Masahito Kubo
Hideko Nomura
Shan Wenlei
15:00-16:30 Break-out Session
Gravitational Wave Astronomy
Yoichi Aso
Admission guidance Department of Astronomical Science, SOKEDNAI

Application Period: December 1, 2020 – December 25, 2020

Registration Form: HERE

Contact: Graduate Student Affairs Unit,
National Astronomical Observatory Japan