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SOKENDAI Asia Winter School

 The School of Physical Sciences and the School of High Energy Accelerator Science host the Asia Winter School so that young researchers from across Asia can broaden their international horizons. Intended to provide the School of Physical Sciences and the School of High Energy Accelerator Sciences’outstanding research and educational experience to those not attending the graduate university, the session invites interested international undergraduate and graduate students as well as young researchers from Japan and across Asia to take part in the intensive seminars and training courses.

Second circular of SOKENDAI-UST Asia Winter School (SAWS) 2019:
"Star and Planet Formation: Key Questions and Challenges"

Date: February 27 to March 1, 2019

Venue: National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Mitaka, Tokyo

Scientific Rationale:
  The research on star and planet formation has been growing very rapidly via ground-based and space-based programs in opt/IR and millimeter/submillimeter wavelengths and also via theoretical works. Furthermore, the research will be moving to a new era in the next decade with new telescopes, larger opt/IR telescopes such as TMT, and space telescopes such as JWST.
  This SAWS2019 provides opportunities to students from EA countries to stay at Mitaka in NAOJ and experiences to hear a series of lectures and discuss on key questions, which are still unresolved and really essentials to unveil the mystery of star and planet formation.
  NAOJ is a central astronomical observatory in Japan and also a partner East Asia Core Observatory (EAO). NAOJ is operating the SUBARU telescope in Hawaii, joining international projects such as ALMA and East-Asian VLBI Network operation, and TMT construction. NAOJ is also engaged in fostering doctoral researchers in astronomy and planetary science as a part of SOKENDAI.

Official language: English

Proposed title of lecturers and topics:
Call for applicants: About 40-50 will be accepted mainly from the MS/PhD students studying in mainly East Asian region, and travel and hotel expenses are supported (or offered) for students selected by SOC from SOKENDAI or UST. If you wish to attend SAWS2019, please download and complete the registration form and send it to
The submission deadline is *** November 19 (Monday) JST17:00 (UT08:00) ***. Please don't forget to ask your supervisor for recommendation letter on your attendance to the winter school. This is mandatory and the deadline is the same as the student's application.

Financial support: SOKENDAI or UST will partially support travel cost for attendees if they request. The support will be fixed amount of up to JPY40,000 (for those from Japan) and JPY60,000 (for those from foreign countries) for each. Please note that the financial support is subject to change.
Further details will be announced to the successful applicants.

Accommodation: We will reserve some rooms in Cosmos Kaikan (NAOJ guest house) and Hotel Mets Musashi-sakai (near Musashi-sakai train station). Please be aware that the end of February is the busy season because of the entrance examination of nearby universities.

Future schedule:
Sponsor: SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies) and UST (University of Science & Technology, Korea)
Partial financial supports to students will be available.

SOC: Ryohei Kawabe (Chair, NAOJ/SOKENDAI), Masahiko Hayashi (NAOJ/SOKEDAI), Jongsoo Kim (KASI/UST), Eiichiro Kokubo (NAOJ/SOKENDAI), Nagayoshi Ohashi (NAOJ/SOKENDAI), Motohide Tamura(Univ. Tokyo/ABC/NAOJ), Koji Tomisaka (NAOJ/SOKENDAI)

LOC: Tomoya Hirota (Chair, NAOJ/SOKENDAI), Yutaka Hayano (NAOJ/SOKENDAI), Saeko Hayashi (NAOJ/SOKENDAI), Fumitaka Nakamura (NAOJ/SOKENDAI), Takashi Tsukagoshi (NAOJ/SOKENDAI)

Contact: [Replace _at_ with @]