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Message from the Chair of the Department

Masahiko Hayashi
Director General of NAOJ
Chair of the Department of Astronomical Science, School of Physical Sciences, the Graduate University for Advanced Studies

Masahiko Hayashi Astronomy is a science encompassing the entire Universe. Other academic disciplines deal with the Earth. But, as soon as you move beyond the Earth, everything becomes the domain of astronomy. Astronomy is concerned with many of humanity’s most fundamental questions: the Universe, the Earth, life; their origins, past, present, and future; the nature of space and time. Some consider these questions with paper and pencil (or a computer); others try to observe the actual Universe with a telescope and think about these questions; still others do experiments to ponder them. The methods are unlimited.

What kind of things do you want to know? As you study deeply about all the things you want to know, you will realize how little we actually know, even about the basics. No matter how small the detail, when we finally break through that wall and solve the mystery, it opens up a new world of science. This is the excitement of research you will come to know. We hope you will come experience this excitement with us at the Department of Astronomical Sciences, Graduate University for Advanced Studies.

Masahiko Hayashi