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Professor    Tomisaka, Kohji

Research Field

  • Simulation Astronomy, Physical Processes in Interstellar Matter, and Star Formation

Brief Introduction of Research

  • I am studying physical processes in interstellar matter, especially star formation process using magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) and/or hydrodynamics (HD) simulations. Topics I am interested in are: non-linear structure-formation process seen in such as the evolution of interstellar matter and gravitational contraction from molecular clouds to stars. I am also interested in the development of high-resolution MHD/HD simulation schemes. Recently, I am extending my research to the observational visualization, in which the observational expectations of computer-made result of MHD/HD simulations are calculated and mock observations are made for the optical and radio telescopes of NAOJ, such as Subaru and ALMA.

Main Research Achievements

  • Collapse of Rotating Magnetized Molecular Cloud Core and Mass Outflows 2002, Aug., Astrophysical Journal 575, 306-326, by K.Tomisaka.
  • The Evolution of the Angular Momentum Distribution during Star Formation 2000, Jan., Astrophysical Journal (Letters) 528 L41-L44, by K.Tomisaka.
  • Collapse-Driven Outflow in Star-Forming Molecular Cores, 1998, Aug., Astrophysical Journal (Letters) 502, L163-L167, by K. Tomisaka.
  • Starburst Nucleus: Galactic-Scale Bipolar Flow, 1988, July the Astrophysical Journal 330, 695-717, by K. Tomisaka and S. Ikeuchi.
  • 「Numerical Astrophysics」(Kluwer Academic Publishers, ISBN: 0792355660), Eds.,(1999)

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